SAGRState Administration of Grain Reserves (China)
SAGRSouth Australian Government Regions
SAGRSouth African Gastroenterology Review (Grahamstown, South Africa)
SAGRStand-Alone Air GPS Receiver
SAGRSubmerged Attached Growth Reactor
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"Twenty years ago, we used to go by the fatwa (a ruling on a point of Islamic law)," Sagr told Arab News.
'The proposed increase in SAGR averaging P0.8293 per kwh due to excise tax will result to an additional projected SAGR revenue amounting to P463 million for calendar year 2018.
'The fuel cost has increased to about 114 percent since the last level of SAGR approval in CY 2003 even without the TRAIN law,' it said.
It was later said that EGPC was studying the upgrade with the Sagr Group of Kuwait.
The air force commander, General Sagr el-Jerouchi, said the raids were in response to the Al-Sidra attack.
General Sagr al-Jerushi, an aide to Haftar, said warplanes and helicopters were being used to beat back the Islamists' advance on the airport.
In Benghazi, General Sagr al-Jerouchi, chief of air operations for dissident ex-general Haftar, said it was not immediately clear if a warplane that crashed during fighting with Islamists had been hit by gunfire or suffered a malfunction.
Yousuf Al Mutawa, Manager of Heart of Sharjah, said that the reconstruction of Souq Al Shinasiyah is a project of special significance for the Heart of Sharjah Management, as it connects Souq Sagr in Al Shuwaiheen area with Souq Al Arsa in Al Marijah area.
Three of our soldiers were killed," said General Sagr al-Jerushi, the head General Haftar's air division.
9, top Saudi analyst Abdul-Aziz bin Sagr told a talk-show of the American TV network al-Hurra that for years Riyadh had been demanding that Tehran repatriate to the Wahhabi kingdom fellow nationals based in Iran.
On May 28, 2013, Abdul-Aziz bin Sagr who head the Gulf Research Centre in Jeddah and Dubai, was quoted as saying: "With this ministry, [Prince] Mut'ab will have a stronger role to play.