SAGTSymposium on Algorithmic Game Theory
SAGTScottish Association of Geography Teachers (UK)
SAGTSouth Asia Gateway Terminals Pvt. Ltd. (Sri Lanka)
SAGTSaskatchewan Association of Geomatics Technologists (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SAGTSolarized Advanced Gas Turbine
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Volumes being handled by SAGT in Colombo declined during the quarter as a result of higher insurance premiums after the terrorist attack on the airport.
Actually until the year end most shipping agencies have already signed terminal agreements with SLPA and SAGT," he said.
The Prince reads the letter from his sovereign aloud: "Meint Ihr, ein Unrecht sei Euch widerfahren," writes the Elector, "So bitt ich, sagts mir mit zwei Worten-- / Und gleich den Degen schick ich Euch zuruck" (1311-12).