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SAHDShelf Assembly High Density
SAHDSwiss Avenue Historic District (Texas)
SAHDStay at Home Daughter (religious movement)
SAHDSeasonal A-Hole Disorder
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Ibrahim Sahd, a Benghazi-based lawmaker and politician, said the warning could be linked to a government plan to reinforce security in the city that "might have worried the Westerners of a backlash".
(17) Sahd, Luiz Felipe Netto de Andrade e Silva, consideracoes sobre o fundamento moral da propriedade.
The aim of this paper is to show that any SAHD on [R.sup.n] can be obtained as the pullback [([T.sup.[lambda]).sup.*] along [T.sup.[lambda]] of an AHD on R.
"Very good recruits can see the writing on the wall," says Tim Sahd, National Journal's House race analyst.
"T' Pope thowt fer a bit an' then sed: `Tell Walt 'e buttered t' wrang sahd of 'is tooast!'."
He reports that the Sahd family, who inherited both La Fonda and the paintings from Karavas, have had them restored and now keep them on exhibit in a specially lighted room of the same old La Fonda: admission $2.00.
2) but s-h-d here is the noun sahd "honey" and is not related to the root meaning "see, witness." The phrase, referring to the Prophet's saliva (riq), means "like flowing honey" (kama here is a preposition, equivalent to ka-, rather than a conjunction).