SAHEState Agency for Higher Education
SAHEStudent Affairs and Higher Education (various universities)
SAHEStudent Advocates for Higher Education (San Jose State University; California)
SAHESouth African Higher Education
SAHESouthwest Alabama Home Educators (Mobile, AL)
SAHESouthern Appalachian Highlands Ecoregion (Sierra Club)
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The source told that foreign office non cooperative attitude has put the probe against the sitting senator Sahe Kamran in cold storage and the hope to taken back misappropriated public funds from her are dashed.
On the concluding session of the 32 lectures based course 'Social and Religious Tolerance', a collaborative initiative of SAHE and MNSUAM, course design team and faculty shared their thoughts on the content and structure of the course entailing lectures by specialized faculty and organization of Social Action Projects (SAPs).
Others, like Timorese historian Antonio Vicente Marques Soares (who is also a lia nain from Uma Tolu, Lacluta, in Viqueque), maintain that the ritual political centre of Luca emerged as the Tetum Terik speakers of Wewiku-Wehali arrived into a Waima'a-speaking region, which was then loyal to the inland domain of Ai Sahe (see also Spillett 1999:348).
78 Ja dissemos, que o C como C se pronuncia com a extremidade anterior da lingua tocando nos dentes quasi fechados, em quanto sahe o seu som, que he suavemente brando.
* Base -Line Survey of Class IV Students in Faisalabad by SAHE in Faisalabad Pakistan in 2006.
Der suffiziente Umgang mit Energie sahe zum Beispiel wie folgt aus: Die Stromnetze werden auf eine geringere Kapazitat hin ausgelegt und die Verbrauchsspitzen dadurch gekappt, dass der Stromkonsum zu diesen Zeiten bewusst eingeschrankt wird.
Utilidade Publica e outros consumos compoem itens do conjunto de planilhas preenchidas pelos Hospitais de Ensino (HE-SP) que participam do Sistema de Avaliacao dos Hospitais de Ensino (SAHE).
Mas, casa-se esta mulher, e comeca a prosa, bem como a prole; adeos bracos, adeos olhos, adeos tudo; sahe a poesia pela mesma porta, por onde entrou o marido!
(42) Wenn er ihn nicht sahe, konne er nicht schlafen, und so sei er jeden Tag dankbar dafur, dass er Kleinias sehen konne.
In other words, "[such a construction] opposes the abnormality of elsewhere with the normality of here" (46), formulating a hierarchical classification of the two groups: "sAhe self that "impose[s] the value of its particularity (its identity)" and them/the other, whose identity is devalued and stigmatized as the former's inferior (43).
But my head feels cool at the moment, my hands heavy and calm" (2005 edition 61) ("Es war mir, als lage ich flach auf meinem Bett und sahe mich gleichzeitig selber daliegen, wahrend sich aus meinem Leib ein leuchtendweiBes Wesen erhob; eine Art Engel, doch ohne Flugel, der steil aufwarts schwebte ...