SAHPSchool of Allied Health Professions (Virginia Commonwealth University; Richmond, VA)
SAHPStay At Home Parent
SAHPSocial Attention Holding Potential (psychology)
SAHPSlovenská Asociácia Histórie Pivovarníctva (Slovak: Slovak Brewing History Association)
SAHPSinus & Allergy Health Partnership (Washington, DC)
SAHPSunAmerica Affordable Housing Partners, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
SAHPSwedish Association of Health Professionals (Stockholm, Sweden)
SAHPSilverbell Army Heliport (Marana, Arizona)
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The SAHP will increase the country's overall power capacity, as well as reduce generation expense due to the low operating cost of hydroelectric power.
SAHP's financing structure was designed to shorten the development phase for projects such as this from about 10 years to less than five.
While the "indirect-expansion SAHP" system has an intermediate heat exchanger be[T.sub.w]een the solar water circuit and a water circuit, a DX-SAHP uses a [T.sub.w]o-phase solar collector to function directly as an evaporator.
For the SAHP system, the match be[T.sub.w]een different components is critical.
KG, Tuttlingen, Germany) in accordance with by SAHP Task Force criteria for defining adult CRS.
(2) A later revision of the SAHP task force (sinus allergy health partnership) in 2002 emphasized the need to reconfirm CRS by adopting physical evidence of mucosal changes and asserted that such concrete signs such as purulent drainage, polyps, polypoid changes, localized mucosal edema, erythema and granulations are needed to reach a definitive diagnosis.
During our study, the SAHP used its Web site to help patients understand their disease better.
(5) However, we believe that the availability of the diagnostic aids presented on the SAHP Web site and the sophistication of Internet users justifies our confidence in their self-diagnoses.
The SAHP recommended higher doses of amoxicillin (with or without clavulanate) in patients who have recently taken an antibiotic or who have moderate disease.
Stahl im Prasens die auf -ja (sahja, armastaja), -wa (sahwa, armastawa), -mas (sahmas, armastamas), im Futurum auf -ma (ke sahp sahma) vertreten (Stahl 1637 : 18).
The evidence-based guidelines, developed by the Sinus and Allergy Health Partnership (SAHP) in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, herald a new, practical approach to treating bacterial rhinosinusitis.