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Caption: 7 Female head from Sahri Bahlol (northwest of Hund, Pakistan), 8th/9th century, now at the Peshawar Museum.
A pall of gloom descended on the school as teachers and students mourned Al Sahri's death.
'Police, Rangers and Sindh government will jointly work to maintain peace in the province during Ramazan, ' adding that a letter being sent to K-Electric for zero load shedding during Ramazan, particularly at Tarweeh and Sahri, Fasting starting time.
He also had been an integral part of Sahri and Iftari transmissions on ARY for a couple of years.
La densidad actual de las plantaciones esta influida por la asociacion de cultivos agricolas que los productores intercalaron en la etapa preproductiva, lo cual favorece a las plantaciones con menor densidad en obtener mayor desarrollo en el diametro, aunque la disminucion de arboles a partir de la densidad inicial de establecimiento tambien depende de los danos mecanicos y del raleo natural de estas plantaciones (Naji, Sahri, Nobuchi y Bakar, 2012).
So importance is given to all three technologies," Mohamed Sahri, Project Manager - structuring at Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), told the conference.
Sahri Jaffri, from Manchester, wrote on Twitter: "News of deaths during the Hajj pilgrimage stampede is making me worry as my mom and her best friend are there now.
Le principal camp de base des 2.000 supporters algeriens qui se deplaceront au Bresil pour soutenir la selection nationale de football au Mondial-2014 (12 juin-13 juillet), se situe dans la ville balneaire de Florianopolis (sud du Bresil), a indique, hier, le PDG de Touring Voyages Algerie (TVA), Tahar Sahri. Avant de rallier Florianopolis, reputee zone touristique, les fans des Verts sejourneront d'abord a Belo Horizonte oE se deroulera le premier match Algerie-Belgique le 17 juin.
Honjo K, Furukwa I, Sahri M (2005) Radial variation of fiber length increment in Acacia mangium.
His housemate Sahri Mohammed, 32, gave evidence of identification and said his friend had been granted permission to live in the country permanently last year.
Shamsa Nawaz, a 21-year-old HR officer from Pakistan, said: "We wake up in the morning for sahri [suhour], which is a meal before we begin our fast.