SAHRVSemi-Autonomous Hydrographic Reconnaissance Vehicle
SAHRVSpectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
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The SAHRV UUV is designed for shallow water surveillance for scanning, detecting and identifying mines and other obstacles.
The goal of this new contract is to provide a safe, fault-tolerant, high energy density system that achieves the safety certification approvals required for an unlimited ship carry-on capability and to provide the energy needed to maximize mission assurance whenever and wherever the SAHRV is deployed.'
The SAHRV navigates via transponders that are installed 60-100 nautical miles from the shore.
The Special Operations Command plans to fund future upgrades to the SAHRV in 2003-2006.
* A computer-aided detection/classification algorithm onboard the SAHRV vehicle to relieve the operators from doing side-scan sonar interpretation.