SAHSUSmall Area Health Statistics Unit (Imperial College London; UK)
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This early version of the RIF was designed specifically for use with SAHSU data.
2007), upon application to the CDC EPHT program (CDC 2004) or SAHSU (2009).
During the first year of the project, the feasibility of implementing an analysis tool in different European countries, based on the SAHSU RIF, was examined.
With a dedicated national system such as SAHSU in the United Kingdom, this can be done readily using the national database.
In the context where the 'establishment' from Bro Taf Health Authority to National Assembly officials have condemned Hugh Richards' study, the SAHSU finding is dynamite.
The Government-established SAHSU carried out the study in two geographical areas, both with Amersham plc at the centre.
As revealed in yesterday's Echo, SAHSU found there were "no excess risks of deaths" from any of the cancers investigated or excess risks of stillbirths.
In addition, problems associated with cluster investigation may affect SAHSU reports, " it adds.
SAHSU reports, therefore, need to be interpreted with caution and with expert local knowledge.