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According to the SAIB (NE-17-11, dated May 10, 2017) the FAA has field reports involving fractured crankshaft gear retaining screws related to engine kickback events.
The SAIB notes that CMI "conducted extensive engine testing, which showed that engine kickback during a failed engine start can cause high instantaneous torque loads resulting in damage to engine components including the starter, starter adapter assembly, as well as the crankshaft gear and its retaining screws."
Following a kickback event, according to the SAIB, the FAA recommends inspecting starter system components for damage, including rotating the starter adapter to determine if it's free of binding or "ratcheting."
Meanwhile, another SAIB (CE-17-12, dated May 11, 2017) focuses on many models of the Cessna 150/152.
Previously, the FAA would distribute ADs and SAIBs to the address on record for owners of registered aircraft free of charge and without being asked.