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SAICESouth African Institution of Civil Engineering
SAICESouth African Institute of Civil Engineers
SAICESri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (Pondicherry, India)
SAICESouth African Institute of Chemical Engineering
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3) introduced the SAICE (Sandbian Isotope Carbon Excursion) for a conspicuous excursion present in the Clear Spring Maryland Section along Interstate-70 in the Sandbian (Turinian, lower Mohawkian) close to the contact between the Pinesburg Station and St.
The baseline values of the GICE may be a point of discussion and whether the SAICE is just a separate peak within the overall peak morphology on the 'rising limb of the GICE'.
The SAICE, GICE and Kope excursions can be recognized in the Solberga 1 core section, although separation of the SAICE from the 'rising limb' of the protracted GICE interval may be a matter of debate.