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SAICESouth African Institution of Civil Engineering
SAICESouth African Institute of Civil Engineers
SAICESri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (Pondicherry, India)
SAICESouth African Institute of Chemical Engineering
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The baseline values of the GICE may be a point of discussion and whether the SAICE is just a separate peak within the overall peak morphology on the 'rising limb of the GICE'.
The SAICE, GICE and Kope excursions can be recognized in the Solberga 1 core section, although separation of the SAICE from the 'rising limb' of the protracted GICE interval may be a matter of debate.
She commended SAICE for its code of ethics, which calls on members to, among other things, act with integrity and fairness, have regard for the public interest, avoid conflict of interest, treat people with integrity and not to misrepresent their areas of experience.