SAIEESouth African Institute of Electrical Engineers
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He has more than two decades of experience, practicing as an electrical engineer and has been an active member of SAIEE for almost same number of years.
Dr Mbuli has also served as Council Member of SAIEE for 4 consecutive terms during 2008-2011.
Afullo, "On the k-factor distribution and diffraction fading for Southern Africa," SAIEE Africa Research Journal, Vol.
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Andre Hoffmann, SAIEE Senior Vice President says: “South Africa Inc.
African Utility Week's partnership with the SAIEE is part of a wider strategy to involve professional industry organisations in the conference and technical training workshops to remain a relevant event for and by the industry.
Says Hughes: “We have had extensive consultations with the utility industry, associations such as CESA, SAIEE, SAICE and SAIMechE, and the leading solution providers, and it is clear there is a real need for practical information and hands on training, based on real life projects, case studies, development and research.