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SAIFSavings Association Insurance Fund
SAIFSharjah Airport International Free (Zone; UAE)
SAIFState Accident Insurance Fund (Oregon)
SAIFSociety of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (UK)
SAIFSwitching Activity Interchange Format (integrated circuits design)
SAIFSociété des Auteurs d' Images Fixes (France)
SAIFSaudi Arabian Investment Fund
SAIFSIDPERS Assignment Instruction File
SAIFStandard Avionics Integrated Fuze
SAIFSuccess after Infertility
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Nearly 50 per cent of our investors in Saif Zone are from India," Al Mazrouei added.
Saif, known to be an avid guitarist, strummed the title track of Race, the 2008 hit in which he had
The subject of the tender is to ensure the operation of services, support and development of SAIF (application layer SAIF, implemented on SAP platform and related hardware and network infrastructure), which operates the contracting authority for the administration of grants for the fulfillment of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
The Saif Zone team was led by Mohammed Al Mahmoud, Commercial Director and comprised of Ali Al Mutawa, Sales Officer and Boutheina Manai, Integrated Marketing Communications Officer.
Four teams including ZTBL, HEC, Saif sports and Omar Associates are taking part in the event whose all matches will be played at the Gadaffi stadium.
But friends in Scotland and Manchester, where Saif went to school and college, have set up online memorial pages and charity fundraisers in his memory.
As per procedure Saif Ullah Bangash was required to deposit remaining 75% amount to CDA.
Saif holds an accreditation as a Fellow Certified Chartered Accountant from ACCA, United Kingdom.
Saif claimed that their chemistry goes flat when they are cast opposite each.
Saif al-Islam smiled and told journalists he was in good health during his brief court appearance.
For her D-day Kareena, 32, wore a green punjabi suit, while 42-year-old Saif chose to dress up in a grey kurta-pyjama.
Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan, left, and Kareena Kapoor step out on a balcony to greet waiting fans