SAIFFSouth Asian International Film Festival
SAIFFSimple ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) Import File Format
SAIFFSweet Auburn International Film Festival (Atlanta, GA)
SAIFFSeattle Arab and Iranian Film Festival (Seattle, WA)
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With a focus on dynamic, visionary cinema, SAIFF annually creates unprecedented exposure for filmmakers and unparalleled experiences for its attendees.
Saiff, of East Arlington, is originally from upstate New York.
Saiff's modern version of the traditional New England Clambake includes a 11/4-pound steamed lobster, steamers, PEI (Prince Edward Island) mussels, fingerling potatoes, baby carrots, fennel, linguisa and an ear of corn served with a broth of Peak Organic IPA.
"I am a bit of a purist,'' said Saiff. "There is a beauty and delicacy to seafood -- you can't manhandle it.
Presentation, technique and showcasing ingredients on each plate are cornerstones of Saiff's cooking.
"We don't get many fish cheeks or collars, but when we do they fly out of here,'' said Saiff. "We have diners who ask us to call them when they're available.
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This late-season business is huge for Saiff's crew.
Saiff shouts instructions to his crew as we drop the dekes in a spread about 15 yards in front of the boat.
Armando and Saiff set out a feed pod of bluebills that would be pocketed to the right center of the boat.
Saiff's instructions are still coming fast and frequent as Armando, his friend Claudio and I scramble back on the boat to load up our guns.
"This is the time of year when we knock 'em dead," Saiff whispers, looking to his right across the bench seats at his three gunners.