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SAIGASouthern African Institute of Government Auditors
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Saiga was qualified to be considered on the basis of her experience in areas of international law, whereas the other two candidates were required to be chosen from a pool of nominees with expertise in international law and procedure.
Assessing risks of disease transmission between wildlife and livestock: the Saiga antelope as a case study.
By the French bull Saiga, Cloughhead Annie is out of Glorieuse, the dam of the prolific stock bull Cloughhead Jurassic.
NGateshead ( 395 jobs gone in companies including call centre staff at twentyfourhelp and Abbey National and workers at the Saiga Burgess electronics firm.
Male saiga antelopes starve themselves while protecting their lovers and when they finally breed, die from exhaustion.
Vincent sought relief at the ITLOS, Guinea pleaded necessity, justifying its need to extend its customs laws into its EEZ to prevent the Saiga from "offshore bunkering" (refueling operations conducted from a ship off shore), which it perceived as a threat to its vital interests.
Reserves were created to save critical habitat for endangered species such as the Siberian tiger, saiga antelope, Russian desman and black stork.
In this section 63 species and variants are to be found including those by the `well recognised names such as Remington, Winchester, Franchi, Benelli, Stevens, Savage and Mossberg, as well as the lesser known such as Russian TsN11--Tochmash KS 23 (which uses a punishing 6 gauge cartridge) and the Saiga 12C.
Russia's Asiatic Steppes are a world away from Down Under, but provides another example of a species which relies on the a grassy habitat - the saiga antelope.
Steria and its partner Datamat have been commissioned by Aeroporti Di Roma to customise and install its SAIGA airport management system.
The two eastern regions are located in the Caspian Coastal Depression with flat plain, gently sloped undulating plain and Saiga antelope calving areas.
Still in the planning stages is a fifth major exhibit, the Siberian Steppes, for the endangered Przewalski's horses, the Siberian saiga, and other species from that region.