SAIIPLSouth African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (Pretoria, South Africa)
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The simple differentiation between "abusive" and "offensive" registration as well as the simple procedures implemented by the SAIIPL is the dawn to the elimination of domain name "cyber piracy" as a whole in the domain.
Author wishes to thank Mr Barend Burgers of Barend Burgers Attorneys for exposing me to the world of Domain Disputes as well as Prof Tana Pistorius, Senior Adjudicator (SAIIPL) and Mr Andre van der Merwe, Senior Adjudicator (SAIIPL) and Mr Reinhardt Buys (Buys Inc) for continued support and critical insight.
A few inconsistent decisions have been rendered by the SAIIPL panel of adjudicators, notwithstanding their high level of competency and adequate training.