SAIPSchool Achievement Indicators Program
SAIPSamoa Aviation Investment Project (World Bank)
SAIPStudent Administration Integration Pack (Oracle)
SAIPSelf-Assessment and Improvement Process (University of St. Thomas)
SAIPSpares Acquisition Integrated with Production
SAIPSystems Acquisition and Implementation Program
SAIPSubstance Abuse Intervention Program (various states)
SAIPSemi-Automated Imagery Processor
SAIPSociedad de Alumnos de Ingeniería Petrolera (Spanish: Alumni Society of Petroleum Engineering; Mexico)
SAIPSpares/Ship Acquisition Integrated With Production
SAIPShip Acquisition & Improvement Panel
SAIPSecurity Architecture Implementation Plan
SAIPSecondary Air Injection Pump (automotive)
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The app, called SAIP, was launched by the interior ministry just before the Euro 2016 soccer championship and was supposed to flash a warning on a user's mobile phone screen if there was an attack close to their location or suspicion of an imminent strike.
SAIP est un systeme d'alerte que les autorites avaient lance avant l'Euro 2016, le 8 juin dernier.
SAIP assessed 13- and 16-year-olds in mathematics, reading, and science across Canada; PCAP--the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program--replaced SAIP in 2007.
I would like to specifically mention his tremendous contribution to two very important projects of the SAIP.
The pamphlet for parents and students on the 2001 SAIP Writing Assessment III (CMEC, 2002b) states the following:'Special-needs students will be accommodated as they would be in their regular school environment' (p.
Dans un communique rendu public, le SAIP affirme qu'il existe [beaucoup moins que]des produits qui circulent, actuellement, sur le marche algerien qui est devenu, par ailleurs, un vaste chantier d'experimentation[beaucoup plus grand que].
El SAIP se basa en un Modelo de Autoevaluacion, acorde con las caracteristicas de las entidades academicas de posgrado de dicha universidad y considera ocho variables para autoevaluar a las entidades academicas: Alumnos, Profesores, Plan de Estudios, Egresados, Investigacion, Difusion y Vinculacion, Administracion de la Institucion y Entorno institucional.
On the other hand, contrary to much previous research, recent SAIP science scores--which showed no significant gender differences--suggest that the gender gap in science performance seems to have closed (CMEC, 2004).
While the assessments did not reflect the curriculum of any one jurisdiction, SAIP was designed as a measure of the general skills expected of students in those particular age groups.