SAIPLSkoda Auto India Private Limited
SAIPLSwami Ajayanand Infotech Private Limited (India)
SAIPLSkoda Auto India Private, Ltd. (Czech Republic)
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CRISIL believes that SAIPL will improve its business risk profile with the launch of new models.
The holomorph of a loop is shown to be a SAIPL, SCIPL, SKL, SBRL or SKWL respectively if and only its SAG is trivial and the loop is a SAIPL, SCIPL, SKL, SBRL, SKWL respectively.
The aim of the present study is to investigate the holomorphic structure of Smarandache AIPLs and CIPLs(SCIPLs and SAIPLs) and use the results to draw conclusions for Smarandache K--loops(SKLs), Smarandache Bruck--loops(SBRLs) and Smarandache Kikkawaloops (SKWLs).