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SAIRASinus Automaticity in the Isolated Right Atrium
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Saira said, although Federal Drug Services Laboratory was not functioning at present but sufficient lab facilities were available in the country to examine quality of medicines.
Saira Afzal said strengthening routine immunization was one of the top agenda of health ministry.
Local citizens have called upon the government particularly Minister of State for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Saira Afzal Tarar to ensure adequate medical staff in the DHQ Hafizabad, THQ hospital Pindi Bhattian and Trauma Centre.
I was with Ms Saira in the hospital and she said that she remembered smelling cooking gas in the kitchen, so it could have been a leak.
Saira is a director of Burnleybased Hussain Architectural Design Ltd, which has an office at New North Road in Huddersfield and provides architectural services, planning permission and construction services.
Some government doctors came here after her death and told me that she was suffering from pneumonia," Saira said.
Joining Saira on the journey was her father Shaukat, his 47-year-old wife Abida, their 33-year-old son Mohammed Isshaq, his heavily pregnant 33-year-old wife Bilques and their son Mohammed.
Saira Zenub was a pharmacist and Mohammad Ishaq was pursuing a PhD in neuroscience.
Saira was due to be married this week and had wanted to make the pilgrimage before her wedding.
The family, from Newport, had travelled to Saudi Arabia to perform a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca because Saira Zenub was due to get married this weekend.
Saira is working to drive innovation in life sciences on several important fronts including industry, nonprofit, philanthropic, investment and academic.