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SAISSchool of Advanced International Studies
SAISPaul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (Johns Hopkins University)
SAISSouthern Association of Independent Schools
SAISSwedish Artificial Intelligence Society
SAISSportscotland Avalanche Information Service
SAISSimple As It Seems (band)
SAISSouth African Institute of Security
SAISSociety for the Advancement of Information Systems
SAISSmall Arms Impact Survey
SAISShanghai Automotive Information Systems Co, Ltd (Shanghai, China)
SAISSecretary of the Army, Information Systems
SAISServices Agency Information System
SAISScience & Application Information System
SAISSouth African Intelligence Service
SAISStrange Adventures in Infinite Space (game)
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The fond memories I have of Fouad Ajami, the poet of international relations, as George Liska, another great mind at SAIS, described his writing style and scholarship, will never fade.
Here, it is interesting to read that the stone artefacts recovered are generally small and fragmentary, and that expedient tools for daily tasks predominate throughout the Sais I--III phases due to the economising behaviour of the toolmakers.
They discussed the proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between both SAIs which was initiated by SAI Vietnam.
A utilizacao de sais de cromo hexavalente no banho de cromatizacao ainda e permitida em alguns paises, como no Brasil; entretanto, diretrizes europeias sempre mais atentas aos aspectos ecologicos tendem a restringir o seu uso e as empresas estao procurando atende-las.
sais the programme will go a long way towards ensuring that students at the university receive a high-quality education that combines modern academic theories with real-life insight.
she] something special about her: a je ne sais quoi.
WE use many words which we have borrowed from other countries such as bungalow and jodhpurs from India; gymnastics and sandal from Greece; je ne sais quoi, boutique and charabanc (not sharabang
Daniels, president of Johns Hopkins, said Nasr "has an excellent understanding of the challenges facing graduate schools of international studies, including SAIS, and an appreciation for the opportunities ahead.
Established in 1979 with 11 members, the ASOSAI has now grown to 45 SAIs.
Summary: ABU DHABI - The presidents of GCC State Audit Institutions, or SAIs, on Tuesday called for standardising the work systems of its member organisations.
Dagmar said that SAIS aims to implement strengthened and well-functioning national innovation ecosystems in all participating countries by 2015, which will entrench a system.
STUFF PARISIANS LIKE: DISCOVERING THE QUOI IN THE JE NE SAIS QUOI comes from a native Parisian who owns one of the city's hippest wine bars and has a blog on the title topic.