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SAISSchool of Advanced International Studies
SAISPaul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (Johns Hopkins University)
SAISSouthern Association of Independent Schools
SAISSubacromial Impingement Syndrome
SAISStrange Adventures in Infinite Space (game)
SAISSwedish Artificial Intelligence Society
SAISSportscotland Avalanche Information Service
SAISSimple As It Seems (band)
SAISSouth African Institute of Security
SAISSociety for the Advancement of Information Systems
SAISSmall Arms Impact Survey
SAISShanghai Automotive Information Systems Co, Ltd (Shanghai, China)
SAISSecretary of the Army, Information Systems
SAISServices Agency Information System
SAISScience & Application Information System
SAISSouth African Intelligence Service
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It will also increase public knowledge of the work and role of SAIs and their added value through ongoing awareness-raising activities.
Established in 1997, SAIS has schools in Sharjah Sharjah, Dubai and Umm Al Quwain.
Merwin Alinea, University Student Council chair, said the Sais system worked on Sunday afternoon, but students interviewed by the Inquirer said slots for some courses had been limited.
He praised the initiative of the Turkish government to arrange a study visit for the senior management of the SAI Turkey.
The SAIS has high reliability and validity (Eigenberger & Sealander 2001).
My assumption is that when the negative statement occurs within a right dislocated construction involving pronominal repetition, that is to say Je ne sais pas moi (I don't know, me), the speaker distances himself from the enunciator who says Je sais moi (I know, me).
The fond memories I have of Fouad Ajami, the poet of international relations, as George Liska, another great mind at SAIS, described his writing style and scholarship, will never fade.
INTOSAI is an international organization of supreme audit institutions, uniting the SAIs of UN member states.
The Kurdish Globe The Center for Transatlantic Relations SAIS at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.
1998) que simulou o ciclo hidrologico de um rio identificando a existencia de uma correlacao entre nivel do rio, nivel do lencol freatico e concentracoes de sais na agua do rio.
He sais that the next national ballot is not scheduled until 2017, but he wanted to dissolve parliament 1/2as soon as possible[c] and hold an early election.
This requirement is not limited to the work done by SAIs to improve government accountability, but it also applies to the need for transparency and information on their performances regarding the general public (INTOSAI, 2010a).