SAJUSan Juan National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
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Ashly Maria Saju who came first at the UAE level in the commerce stream with 97 per cent said she studied seven to eight hours a day for her CBSE exams.
AoIt has changed our thinking,Ao said NewellAAEs allergist, Saju Eapen of Roanoke.
Two winners, Indian and Bangladeshi nationals, N V Saju and Ana Ahmed scooped the cash prize of AED 1 million each in the seventh weekly draw of the promotion.
Saju George, a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, together with their musical troupe, enthralled the audience for two hours.
This pattern is illustrated by the genitive/ partitive pairs 'lippude ~ 'lippusid, sadude ~ sadusid and ridade ~ ridasid, which are based on the corresponding partitives 'lippu, sadu and ridu, not on the genitives lipu, saju and 'rea.
77) Along these lines of mistaken assumptions, see Saju Chackalackak "Rewriting History: A Critique," editorial, Journal of Dharma 28 (2003) 145-49.
One such student is Saju Muthalaly who is completing a three-year
Samas oli suvendatud pohjaga ehitiste puhul mureks kevaditi voi suurema saju ajal pinnavee imbumine labi seinte tuppa.
The meaning of the piece seems ambivalent, but the dancers - Veena Basavarajalah, Navali Chaudhari, Kamala Devam, Rathimalar Govindarajoo, Saju Hari, Shane Shambhu and Devaraj Thimmaiah - along with James Woodrow (guitar) take us on some interesting flights of fancy.
Reprint requests to Saju Joy, MD, Department Obstetrics and Gynecology, 561 Means Hall, 1654 Upham Drive, Columbus, OH 43210.
Police said Yasunari Tomiyama, 25, has confessed to killing his 59-year-old father, Saju, and that the dead man's wife Naoko, 53, has confessed to assaulting her mother-in-law Ume, 86.