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SAKTASalon Kaupan Ja Terveyden Ammattiopisto
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The dynamics behind the efforts of bhaktas to distance themselves from saktas may arise from a political struggle for royal sponsorship.
Various bhakti communities show widespread antipathy to saktas and advise their adherents to shun them, though it is not always clear what is meant by the term sakta--a specific community or a more generic set of "non-believers.
He calls them saktas and exposes and opposes these groups in song and in biting, sarcastic distychs.
Perhaps Kablr so vehemently opposed saktas because he himself was under constant suspicion of being one because of his low-caste background?
Tulsldas does not refer to saktas as such, but does express distaste for followers of the Tantric Kaula path or vamamarga and, once, for Gorakh Panthls.
We find opposition to saktas also in the Krishna devotional milieu, as exemplified by the Brahmin Hariram Vyas.
In conclusion, in the fifteenth-sixteenth century North Indian bhakti milieu,81 more breath was expanded on warning audiences away from saktas than from Muslims--in established as well as developing pilgrimage centers (Benares versus Braj), and also for rural audiences (Rajasthan).
Self-representation of saktas would be another study.