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SALESingapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise
SALESingle Army Logistics Enterprise
SALESubglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration
SALESkye and Lochalsh Enterprise (UK; marketing group)
SALESoftware Architecture for Language Engineering
SALESpecial Ammunition Logistical Element
SALESacrificial Aluminum Etching
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And I have had a table at a fancy fair, and made better sales than anybody.
It was now some time since Miss Taylor had begun to influence his schemes; but as it was not the tyrannic influence of youth on youth, it had not shaken his determination of never settling till he could purchase Randalls, and the sale of Randalls was long looked forward to; but he had gone steadily on, with these objects in view, till they were accomplished.
After having sought for a few minutes, he stopped at a leaf which had several notes, and compared them with the deed of sale, which lay on the table.
I have been told that there is going to be a sale of clothing somewhere in this neighbourhood.
Nothing was more common than to see a lot of likely Irish girls advertised for sale in the newspapers.
By means of an occasional bribe to little Nathalie, she ascertained the precise progress of the work, and learning that I should probably be ready for sale that very morning, under the pretence of hiring the apartment, she was shown into my important presence.
I have never met that sort of paragon myself, but I have seen these paragons advertised amongst ships for sale.
This the Banker suggested, and offered for hire(On moderate terms), or for sale, Two excellent Policies, one Against Fire, And one Against Damage From Hail.
But reflect, madame, upon the effect which will be produced by the sale of your jewels.
I was witness that he offered man-eaters' for sale," said Imam Din.
I am sometimes disposed to repent that I did not let Charles buy Vernon Castle, when we were obliged to sell it; but it was a trying circumstance, especially as the sale took place exactly at the time of his marriage; and everybody ought to respect the delicacy of those feelings which could not endure that my husband's dignity should be lessened by his younger brother's having possession of the family estate.
With respect to gaining money by exchange, the principal method of doing this is by merchandise, which is carried on in three different ways, either by sending the commodity for sale by sea or by land, or else selling it on the place where it grows; and these differ from each other in this, that the one is more profitable, the other safer.