SALFSave a Life Foundation
SALFSomali Abo Liberation Front
SALFSouth Asian Labour Forum (est. 1996)
SALFSpectrally Adaptive Light Filtering
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It was 75% in ALF group, 100% in SALF group, and 64.
We observed that the rate of consciousness recovery and long-term survival after the combined blood purification therapy was highest in SALF group followed by ALF group.
Group Total number ALF (case) (case) Improved Not improved Recovery 6 3 Death 14 2 2 Abandoned 13 1 Group SALF (case) A/SCLF(case) Improved Not Improved Not improved improved Recovery 2 1 Death 5 5 Abandoned 1 2 3 6 Table 3--Results of standard test for peripheral blood cells before and after blood purification (x [+ or -] s).