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Fastest short legs: 1 J Bowness (Traff) 10:09; 2 R Murray (Gates) 10:10; 3= C Parr (Gates) and J Roden (Sale) 10:17; 5= A Wiles (Morp) and M McNeil (Salf) 10:26; 7 R Floyd (Morp) 10:29.
It was 75% in ALF group, 100% in SALF group, and 64.29% in A/SCLF group.
ON Good Friday morning, Salf ord Shopping Centre near Manchester was buzzing with Easter shoppers.
Ambulance crews faced a gigantic problem when 50-stone man- mountain Barry Salf fell ill.
RESULT: 1 P Newton (Morp) 30:09; 2 B Fish (Bburn) 30:34; 3 T Cornthwaite (Bburn) 30:37; 4 J Bailey (Salf) 30:54; 5 D Cliffe (Warr) 31:02; 6 R Brown (LincW) 31:42; 7 T Chater (Traff) 31:43; 8 S Robinson (Bpool) 31:49; 9 G Priestley (Traff) 31:52; 10 M Burrett (LeedsC) 32:03; 11 D Bradford (Shett) 32:08; 12 F Meade (LeedsC) 32:13; 13 M Dawson (Morp) 32:24; 14 A Valentine (Bolt) 32:26; 15 M Hill (Tipt) 32:48; 16 I Twaddle (V40, NSP) 33:11.
The game had been switched to Salf ord at the 11th hour - the fourth time this season the weather has prevented a game from being played on the Arnott Stadium's artificial pitch.
RESULTS MEN: 1 T Wall (Morpeth) 32:23; 2 R WIlson (Scar) 33:21; 3 J Powell (WG&EL) 33:52; 4 A Tatham (Quak) 34:12; 5 A Chadfield (Bill MH) 34:29; 6 N Willsher (Salf) 34:31; 7 G Hetherington (Sedge, M45) 35:32; 8 K Oakes (Birt) 37:32; 9 P Grey (Aln, M45) 37:50; 10 L Noble (Sun, SW) 37:58; 11 J Moore (J&H, U17) 38:01; 12 A Macdonald (Morp, M40) 38:12; 13 R Simpson (Bill MH, M40) 38:22; 14 T Allsop (Sund S) 38:30; 15 P Goode (Salt) 38:32.
MEN: P Tergat (Kenya), E Kipchoge (Kenya), S Sihine (Ethiopia), J Rey (Spain), J Kibowen (Kenya), Z Tadessa (Eritrea), S Haughian (Windsor), S Bell (C-le-St), D Norman (Altrin), D Mitchinson (Newham), D Anderson (Belg), A Sutton (Prest), N Leigh (Altr), M Jennings (Card), H Raidi (Belg), M Coleman (Med), A Lemoncello (Fyfe), J Ward (Hallam), L Hurst (Altr), O Laws (Newham), S Barden (Belg), A Jones (Salf), G Raven (sale), R Hand DurC), M Miles (Belg), H Lobb (Bedf), L Northall, R Quinn (Kilb).