SALGStudent Assessment of Learning Gains (est. 1997; website)
SALGSouth Asia Library Group
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A subset of survey questions from the SALG (Carroll, Seymour, & Weston, 2007) were combined with demographic questions to make up the complete 10 item survey (Appendix A).
In addition to using the SALG assessments the researchers have designed an assessment test module of objective questions to be taken by students in both the control and experimental classes at the end of each semester.
Suggestions for future research include using the SALG instrument for a pre- and post-test to test the proposed research model in Figure 5 at other colleges and universities, teaching introductory programming courses incorporating various programming languages.
The assessment tool, SALG was used to gauge student attitudes and perceptions regarding the research-based approach to teaching.
SALG bonds may be taxed in one of three ways: fully taxable, tax-exempt but a tax preference for AMT purposes (hereafter referred to as "AMT bonds"), or tax-exempt and not a tax preference for AMT purposes (hereafter referred to as "tax-exempt bonds").
I am not aware of any prior studies that have used taxable SALG bond yields as the taxable security benchmark for estimating implicit tax rates in tax-exempt SALG bond prices.
In this paper, I identify a sample of taxable SALG bonds to use as a benchmark for measuring implicit taxes in tax-exempt and AMT bonds.
The new SALG practice was created as part of Aon Consulting's Government Human Capital Services Group, which also offers consulting services to federal government agencies.
The thousands of state and local government entities nationwide can benefit from the technical and market knowledge contained in our SALG consulting practice.
More information on the SALG practice is available on Aon's website at www.