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SALICSouth Australian Land Information Council
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Accordingly, the decreased slope from east to west along the transect, saline groundwater [9], physical soil properties, evaporation, and specifically saline parent materials provides the required conditions for Salic horizon formation.
Sources insist there is no connection between Peace's sister and the sale of those shares from Salic, also claiming that the share offer will give those existing stakeholders who have fewer than 10 shares an opportunity to boost their own stake in the club.
2) comprises salic and mafic igneous rocks of the Fogo Island Batholith and its host, the Botwood Group, which on Fogo Island comprises siltstone, sandstone, and matrix-supported conglomerate of the Fogo Harbour Formation overlain by rhyolite ignimbrite, rhyolitic tuff, and minor tuffaceous sandstone of the Brimstone Head Formation.
Regardless of the exact origin of the modern Anglo-American trust, these four institutions--the Roman fideicommissum, the Salic salmannus, the Islamic waqf, and the English use--all "emerged as a result of positive-law deficiencies and restrictions concerning the ownership and devolution of property," and to some extent their origins are "properly found in the historical circumstances in which [they] arose.
Salic Law, which still governs the lines of descent for many monarchies says that the heir to a throne must be the closest male relative in the male line.
22) The metaphor of (thorn-free) flowers for the joys of love is also continued, non-ironically, in the final account in the huote excursus of the woman who is salic (III):
Two years ago the Belgian Parliament considered the possible succession of Princess Astrid, the king's niece, thus effectively abrogating the Salic law, which has cast its spurious shadow for many centuries.
Historical documents such as the Code of Hammurabi, the Magna Carta, the Salic Law and the Constitution of the United States of America are shredded in order to prove consistency with new governmental document retention policies.
Salic Mudaq (Class B) 670 Top 7 finalists from Class C and D: 1.
para]]WINNIPEG, Manitoba, June 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- G3 Global Holdings, a limited partnership between Bunge Canada and SALIC Canada, announced that it has formed a joint venture with Western Stevedoring Company Limited to examine the feasibility of building an export grain terminal at Lynnterm West Gate at Port Metro Vancouver.
All soils are Aridic Salic Solonchaks according to the World Reference Base (FAO 2006) and differ mainly in their gypsum and salt accumulations.
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