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SALLIE MAEStudent Loan Marketing Association
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Over the past two years, Sallie Mae has awarded more than USD 300,000 in scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students through the Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program.
When it comes to saving for college, Sallie Mae recommends a 1-2-3 approach: first, open a savings account; second, set a goal and regularly contribute money; and third, explore tax-advantaged options such as 529 college savings plans.
Instead, Sallie Mae gave service members the runaround and denied them the interest-rate reduction required by law.
The other firm will comprise Sallie Maea[euro](tm)s private education loan origination and servicing businesses, including Sallie Mae Bank and the private education loans it currently holds.
Thome, who has over 37 years banking and financial services experience, has most recently served as Sallie Mae's senior vice president of business finance and procurement.
"Once a student borrower goes into default, the government pays Sallie Mae all the principal and compounded interest that have accrued," reports "60 Minutes." "The loan then passes into collection phase.
Since installing the main product, Sallie Mae has added Text Mining for Clementine and Netgenesis Web.
Erin Korsvall, spokeswoman for Sallie Mae, offers a few tips for taking the pain out of repayment.
Sallie Mae has announced its Family Scholarship Program has awarded more than USD 180,000 in scholarships to 37 children of employees, the company said.
SALT LAKE CITY: Sallie Mae Bank announced $120,000 in college scholarships to aspiring engineers, nurses, and teachers attending a college or university in Utah for the 2018-19 academic year.
The $4.2 billion Pennsylvania Employee Credit Union is getting out of the student loan business, but Harrisburg, Penn.-based credit union's decision isn't related to recent criticism directed at loan servicer Sallie Mae.