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SALMONStand Alone Missions of Opportunity Notice (US NASA)
SALMONSea-Air-Land Modeling and Observing Network (University of Alaska; Fairbanks, AK)
SALMONSystem for Alaska Middle Atmosphere Observation Data Network (Japan)
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The upper part of Salmon River was represented as far more eligible, besides being in an excellent beaver country; and thither the captain resolved to bend his course.
The Salmon River is one of the upper branches of the Oregon or Columbia; and takes its rise from various sources, among a group of mountains to the northwest of the Wind River chain.
The rapid currents of the rivers which run into the Pacific render the ascent of them very exhausting to the salmon. When the fish first run up the rivers, they are fat and in fine order.
They had no provisions left but a few dried salmon, yet finding the white men equally in want, they generously offered to share even this meager pittance, and frequently repeated the offer, with an earnestness that left no doubt of their sincerity.
At length, on the 19th of September, he reached the upper waters of Salmon River.
From the sandspit the way led out through the Golden Gate to the vastness of adventure of all the world, where battles would be fought, not for old shirts and over stolen salmon boats, but for high purposes and romantic ends.
The salmon boat, still filled with rocks and water, rested on the bottom.
The beautiful salmon boat lay on the hard sand, squashed flat as a pancake, while on it were perched French Frank's schooner and the Reindeer.
The exchange was made, and the salmon boat got up its spritsail and headed down the bay toward the marshes off San Rafael.
The salmon boat got out its oars and soon left us far astern.
The salmon boat had long since passed from sight behind a little archipelago known as the Marin Islands, so no help could be looked for from that quarter.
After coffee, three of the men withdrew to the other boat, a Columbia River salmon boat, leaving three of us in the Reindeer.