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SALPSystematic Assessment of Licensee Performance
SALPStudent Ambassador Leadership Program (Australia)
SALPScottish Adult Learning Partnership (UK)
SALPSouth African Labour Party (political party)
SALPStudent Activities and Leadership Program
SALPSlower And Less Powerful :-)
SALPSomething Awful Let's Play (online gaming)
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The SALP for a dynamic source (SALP-D) for each sensor location [[??].sub.s,i] can then be calculated through
sALP was determined by the Tandem-MP Ostase Immunoenzymetric Assay (Beckman Coulter) (10) and NTx by the Osteomark NTx Assay (Ostex International) (11).
Gordon said these salps eat the tiniest planktons in the sea, including bacteria to survive and exist.
SGJHL in turn will provide SALP with the needed infrastructure to establish its division in India, it added.
The species were found by Mark Baird of the CSIRO, along with researchers from University of NSW (New South Wales), who conducted a marine survey last month that resulted in the discovery of a massive abundance of salps in the waters around Sydney.
The plant was forced to shut its reactor after sea salp, a jellyfish-like organism, clogged the pipes.
Heron (1972) raised the salp Thalia democratica in small tanks with lids that prevented the salps from encountering the air-water interface.
Earlier, he served as a Project manager at the SALP SPA remote location pipeline manufacturing facility and pipeline construction project situated in north east of Italy.
Massive salp outbreaks in the inner sea of chiloe island (southern chile): possible causes and ecological consequences
Environment Minister Albert Jacob today announced the 2015 funding recipients of the long-running Swan River Trust and Alcoa Landcare Program (SALP).