SALRsaturated adiabatic lapse rate
SALRSouth African Law Reports
SALRSomething Awful Last Read (Something Awful forums)
SALRSenior Logistics Aviation Representative
SALRSection of Atherosclerosis and Lipoprotein Research (now Section of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Medicine; Baylor College of Medicine; Houston, TX)
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See Grootboom, 2001 (1) SALR at 79-80; Treatment Action
Du Preez & Another, 1996 (3) SALR 997, 1009-10 (Cape Provincial Div.) (rejecting the claim of a party accused of human rights violations that the party had a right to be notified of the general elements of the accusation for which the party was called to answer), overruled by 1997 (3) SALR 204 (A).
There she carried out longitudinal research on the implementation of the Second-stage Agricultural Land Reform (SALR) in 1980s.
(4) For reported examples (which usually deal only with procedural aspects of the cases), see McDowell v Robertson [1841] TASSC 29; Langton v Syme (1877) 3 VLR (L) 30; Ward v Derrington (1880) 14 SALR 35; McElhone v Bennett (1885) 1 WN (NSW) 115.
SalK/ SalR, a two-component signal transduction system, is essential for full virulence of highly invasive Streptococcus suis serotype 2.
Makwanyane, 1995 (3) SALR 391,415-24, 451-53 (CC) (holding the death penalty unconstitutional in South Africa and discussing and disagreeing with the United States Supreme Court's more recent cases).
Description: The purpose of the Twinning project is to support State Agency of Ukraine on Land Resources (SALR) in development of an open and transparent agricultural land market in line with the best practices within the EU Member States through improvement of agricultural land market and state-owned land administration frameworks
Ndhlovu, 1968 (4) SALR 515, 520-21(A), which accepted the new order in power at that time in Rhodesia, relied heavily on Luther v.
(116) See South Australian Co v City of Port Adelaide [1914] SALR 161, which relied on the Nullum Tempus Act.
(86) A third question courts consider in determining whether a contract is for 'necessaries' is whether any contract agreed upon by the parties contains provisions that are so unfair as to render the contract, as a whole, one that is not to the minor's benefit: see De Francesco v Barnum (1890) 45 Ch D 430, 439, 443 (Fry LJ); De Garis v Dalgety & Co Ltd [1915] SALR 102, 137, 139-40 (Murray J), 156-7 (Buchanan TJ); Blennerhassett's Institute of Accountancy Pty Ltd v Gairns (1938) 55 WN (NSW) 89, 90 (Jordan CJ); Minister for Education v Oxwell [1966] WAR 39, 45 (Virtue J).
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