SALRCSouth African Law Reform Commission
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(72.) SALRC Submits Reports on Trafficking and Stalking Amongst Others, JUSTICE TODAY (Dep't of Justice & Constitutional Dev., Republic of South Africa), Nov./Dec.
The SALRC first created an Issue Paper with a closing deadline for comment of April 30, 2004 to "serve as a basis for the Commission's deliberations, to elicit comment and suggestions from relevant stakeholders and to disseminate information on the issue of trafficking in persons to the public at large." SOUTH AFRICAN LAW REVIEW COMM'N, ISSUE PAPER 25, PROJECT 131: TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS, at iii (2004),
Aside from the SALRC's investigation, the government established a "Human Trafficking Desk within the Organised Crime Unit at the South African Police Service (SAPS)." Human Trafficking Strategy, supra note 48.
Because the SALRC did not name a specific organization in this draft, the choice is likely to be left to the Minister of Justice or to Parliament.
(115.) The SALRC's report is comprehensive, and it outlines and explains the rationale behind the proposed legislation.
The SALRC's Issue Paper on Trafficking in Persons was published in early 2004 and was open for commentary until April 30, 2004.
The SALRC website explains: Discussion papers, previously referred to as working papers, are documents in which the Commission's preliminary research results are contained.