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SALSASafe and Local Supplier Approval (UK)
SALSASemi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere
SALSASouth Asian Law Students Association
SALSASymposium About Language and Society - Austin
SALSAStochastic Approach for Link-Structure Analysis
SALSASocial Action & Leadership School for Activists (Washington, DC)
SALSASolvers for Algebraic Systems and Applications
SALSASouth Argentinean Lake Sediment Archives and Modelling
SALSASouth African Longboard Surfing Association
SALSASocial Activist Law Student Association (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
SALSASociety for the Anthropology of Lowland South America
SALSASun Appliance for Live Software Analysis
SALSASimple Actor Language System and Architecture (actor oriented programming language)
SALSAStudents Advocating Life Without Substance Abuse
SALSASpanish and Latin-American Students' Association
SalSASaltdome Shower Array (neutrino observatory)
SALSASpanish-speakers Assisting Latinos Student Association
SALSASaarbrücken Lexical Semantics Acquisition
SALSASales Activity Linked to Service Activity
SALSAStudent Alliance for Learning, Success and Achievement
SALSASuccessful Aging Through Long-term Strategic Alliances
SALSASpares Acquisition & Logistics Support Analysis
SALSASouth Arlington Lead Sharing Association (Virginia)
SALSAStudent Alliance for Latino Solidarity and Achievement
SALSASubAntroscopic Laterobasal Sinusfloor Augmentation
SALSASan Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers (Texas)
SALSASystem Using Artificial Life to Study Adaptation
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One of the most active, but unstable, venues for salsa dancing has been the space at 100 E.
It is important to not allow your premium fire-roasted salsas to languish on a shelf amid many other generic brands.
Vicki found salsa was the perfect opportunity to dance away her troubles.
One of the things that I love about salsa dancing is that when you're with a really good partner, it's aerobic exercise.
Segun Raul Edwards, instructor de salsa, "todo lo que toca el gringo lo deforma".
Foods, Golden-based manufacturer of Jethro's Salsa, has a patented trade dress: a packet of spices attached to the jar that allows the consumer to control the salsa's heat level.
Muela en licuadora los ingredientes de la salsa verde sin el cilantro ni la yerbabuena.
More information about Pace Restaurant Style salsa and the Pace portfolio, can be found by visiting www.
Willy's Sweet 'N Spicy Salsa features a mix of chili peppers and other all-natural ingredients, while Willy's Black Bean 'N Corn Salsa is one of the company's newest recipes.
Salsa People not only provides training with their salsa team but also teaches other dance forms of contemporary nature like Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Son, Merengue, Kizomba.
The following is a chat with the salsa singer from his home in Madrid, Spain.
Tinitas' salsa offers five levels of heat ranging from mild to flaming hot.