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SALSASemi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere
SALSASafe and Local Supplier Approval (UK)
SALSASouth Asian Law Students Association
SALSASymposium About Language and Society - Austin
SALSAStochastic Approach for Link-Structure Analysis
SALSASocial Action & Leadership School for Activists (Washington, DC)
SALSASolvers for Algebraic Systems and Applications
SALSASouth Argentinean Lake Sediment Archives and Modelling
SALSASouth African Longboard Surfing Association
SALSASocial Activist Law Student Association (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
SALSASociety for the Anthropology of Lowland South America
SALSASun Appliance for Live Software Analysis
SALSASimple Actor Language System and Architecture (actor oriented programming language)
SALSAStudents Advocating Life Without Substance Abuse
SALSASpanish and Latin-American Students' Association
SALSASaltdome Shower Array (neutrino observatory)
SALSASpanish-speakers Assisting Latinos Student Association
SALSASaarbrücken Lexical Semantics Acquisition
SALSASales Activity Linked to Service Activity
SALSAStudent Alliance for Learning, Success and Achievement
SALSASuccessful Aging Through Long-term Strategic Alliances
SALSASpares Acquisition & Logistics Support Analysis
SALSASouth Arlington Lead Sharing Association (Virginia)
SALSASubAntroscopic Laterobasal Sinusfloor Augmentation
SALSAStudent Alliance for Latino Solidarity and Achievement
SALSASan Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers (Texas)
SALSASystem Using Artificial Life to Study Adaptation
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Academy Award[R]-nominated filmmakers Jon Alpert, Francisco Bello, Matthew O'Neill and Tim Sternberg follow ten amateur dancers who prepare for their first salsa performance with just six weeks of rehearsal under the tutelage of celebrated salsa dance instructor Tomas Guerrero of the Santo Rico Dance Company.
In Chapters 3 through 5, Rondon traces the transitions from big band Latin jazz to boogaloo to salsa, showing especially how Cuban son became the musical foundation of salsa.
Dressed in all white attire like the theme, salsa enthusiasts boogied the night away dancing to their hearts' content to the fantastic beats played by DJ Mo.
Karen Salsaroja, organiser and salsa DJ, said: "I am sure the performers from Cuba and the Dominican Republic will be given an extra special welcome in Liverpool.
"I joined Salsa on an impulse and I really like it.
Regardless of differences in formulation, Salmonella, with an initial number of about 3 logs CFU per g, did not grow in salsa held at 4 C.
A typical class at Familia de la Salsa begins with some stretching exercises to loosen the body.
* con chile morita se prepara, ademas de la de los tacos al pastor, una salsa espesa, similar al mole, en la que se sumergen costillas de res, fajitas y pollo.
The DJ - of Puerto Rican descent - is known by salsa fans as the number one DJ and has collaborated with a variety of professional Latin dancers and recording artists including Christina Aguilera.
Reser's, Emerald Valley and Salsa De Casa use tomatoes that are heated to sterilize the fruit, then cooled and placed in sterile packaging.
A nice piece of fresh fish with a spoonful of salsa makes an excellent meal, needing nothing more than baby new potatoes or a bit of salad to accompany it.
Pace Foods has a new line of specialty salsas with ingredients that spice things up.