SALSUSSchools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (Scotland)
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The word sausage comes from the Latin root, salsus, meaning salted or preserved.
Or that the word "sausage" comes fom the Latin salsus, which means "to salt"?
The word sausage originally comes from the Latin word salsus, which means "to salt" or "to preserve." This process was necessary for people to allow their meat products to preserve longer.
Sausages date to antiquity, evolving simply from the need to preserve the kill for eating later The term itself comes to us from the Latin word salsus, meaning salted or preserved.
The word "sausage" is derived from the Latin "salsus" meaning salted or preserved meat, considered one of the oldest forms of processed food.
Seven per cent of 13-year-olds and nearly one quarter - 23 per cent - of 15-year-olds had tried drugs in the previous year, according to the SALSUS 2006 report.