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SALTISynthetic Aperture Ladar for Tactical Imaging
SALTISummary Accounting for Low-Dollar Turnover Items
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Thus began a research project that has preoccupied Salti and Khouri for a decade.
"Until today it remains unprecedented in scale and scope," Salti explained.
To promote local interaction, the group open a majlis inside the Khasab port so that once tourists finished their cruises, they could stop by the tents to experience the local culture, Al Salti said.
Some local media reported that the Salti sisters had committed suicide together by jumping off the building in Jwiedeh, while many Jordanians -- including family and friends -- suspected murder.AaAaAeAe
Jordanian journalist Raed Omari said the sisters never hadAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA shown symp of depression, citing a friend of the Salti family.
Salti has programmed a from-the-revolutionary-frontlines Egyptian omnibus pic slotted in Mavericks, an Iraqi docu, two from Morocco, two from Lebanon (including Variety's 2008 Director to Watch Nadine Labaki's sophomore pic "Where Do We Go Now?") and a Tunisian film that she considers a perfect example of the "crazy but completely captivating stories" she is encountering in Africa.
This "human dimension" is represented in Hovsepian's collection by a variety of voices and perspectives, including those of writer and curator Rasha Salti, anthropologist Kirsten Scheid, Lebanese school counselor living in Michigan Rima Brinjikji, and journalist Hanady Salman, whose war testimonials constitute the "war as lived experience" section in The War on Lebanon.
"We continuously go through states of 'war' and 'un-war'," Salti continues, "but we are a just a small country caught in the paradox of the region and it becomes a terrain of conflict by the choice of the people who rule us." Aa The book's title is full of depth and irony.
Salti never remarked on which side of the equation "infant" and "mentally and emotionally challenged" referred -- the artist, or the public.
Salti explained that peaks in trade were consistently sharper than troughs, suggesting compensation had been taking place.
The irony, of course, is that the current edition -- titled "Plot for a Biennial" and curated by Salti, Aivazian and Suzanne Cotter -- is by far the strongest biennial to date, including a preternaturally high number of stunningly beautiful, sensitive, pleasurable and provocative works.
Salti is nowadays back in Beirut, planning the second instalment of Mapping Subjectivity.