SAM1Sperm Adhesion Molecule 1 (andrology)
SAM1Semi-Ab Initio Model 1
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The mechanism by which SAM1 eliminates growth of microbes begins with the controlled release of silver ions under ambient moisture.
All formulations containing SAM1 either had no sedimentation or had sedimentation which could easily be redispersed with low agitation after the duration of the shelf stability testing.
The water-based acrylic and polyurethane coatings showed bioefficacy at lower loadings of SAM1 compared to the solvent-based polyurethane and polyester-melamine coatings (the 2K solvent-based polyurethane did not show efficacy at any level tested but the 10% data point is included to illustrate the relationship with properties tested).
There is strong evidence for direct correlation between the resin glass transition temperature and log concentration of silver-based antimicrobial (SAM1) required to obtain bioefficacy against E.
Figure 14 shows the results of this testing, with excellent correlation between log (SAM1) and WRE values ([R.sup.2]=0.99).
Silver-based antimicrobial SAM1 has shown efficacy in a variety of model coating systems including in water-based 2K based polyurethane, in water-based clear and pigmented acrylics, and in solvent-based polyester-melamine coating.