SAMAESyndicat Autonome du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères (French: Independent Union of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
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We also acknowledge support from the following entities within the municipal administration in Caxias do Sul: Neiva Rech and Paulo Fachin of the Department of Agriculture and Food Supply for the longstanding partnership in teaching and research and SAMAE (the water and sewage municipal authority of Caxias do Sul).
Theuthidodrilus Samae belongs to family of Squid worm and it can be able to dive nearly 6200 meters in the deep sea.
This was the start of a two-year project building Camp Samae San, which ended up with the entire company present and working on it in July 1969.
While 2d and 3d Platoons worked at Camp Samae San, 1st Platoon had been doing repair work at the major air base tank farms and petroleum, oil, and lubrication (POL) facilities around Thailand for almost a year.
Ne a la ville des vents et des arts, Essaouira, le chanteur marocain Abderrahim Souiri a appris a chanter a l'age de 11 ans sous la houlette de son pere, veteran chanteurs du Madih et du Samae, et artiste musicien dans l'Orchestre de la musique arabo-andalouse.