SAMAGSydney Arts Management Advisory Group (Australia)
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Samag ( dates back to the 18th Century and until 1990 had been part of East Germany's widespread Fritz Heckert Combine.
Tri-Way will expand its product offerings with Samag's model MFZ multi-spindle horizontal machining center with tool changers for machining brake calipers, valves, knuckles, and housings.
Tri-Way is finalizing plans on pursuing business opportunities in China in conjunction with Samag's sales facilities in China.
In turn, Samag will secure a market position in North America with Tri-Way as its exclusive partner.
The state government gave approval in May for SAMAG Ltd.
The timetable for the SAMAG project calls for marketing contracts to be signed by September 2000, bankable feasibility and project finance to be completed by December, and construction to begin in March 2001.
One of the more likely hopefuls is the South Australian Magnesium project (SAMAG) near Leigh Creek which has been accorded Major Project Development status by the South Australian Government.
South Australia Magnesium (Samag), 80%-owned by Pima mining of Perth, has completed a definitive feasibility study for a 52K-mt/yr plant in Port Augusta, South Australia.