SAMCSoutheast Alabama Medical Center (est. 1957; Dothan, AL)
SAMCSt. Anthony's Medical Center (Saint Louis, MO)
SAMCSergeant Audie Murphy Club (US Army)
SAMCStochastic Approximation Monte Carlo (algorithm)
SAMCSouth American Music Conference
SAMCS-Allylmercaptocysteine (water-soluble sulfur compound present in aged garlic extract)
SAMCSystem Aircraft Maintenance Control (United Airlines)
SAMCSA Mobile Computers (South Australia)
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4) Resident, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, SAMC and PGI, Indore.
He is convinced that SAMC will one day become a global player, and that GKN will have a role in this development.
With this hub-spoke stroke care model, SAMC will be able to add hospitals to its network, expanding coverage across its communities.
This agreement follows up on a MoU signed by SQH and SAMC in May last year, which had defined the framework to carry out the necessary feasibility studies of the project and to draw the final outlines of the future medical center.
Collection abbreviations used in text: AMNH (American Museum of Natural History, New York); PPRI (National Collection of Insects, Pretoria, South Africa); SAMC (South African Museum, Cape Town, South Africa); USNM (National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.
Fosters' Ian Winter won the SAMC open at Shrewsbury with nearly 25lb of chub on waggler and maggot, and Dave Webb also won the Saturday match on the Quarry section there on the same method.
To be a member of the SGT Audie Murphy Club is to be recognized as a stellar NCO who leads from the front and perpetuates the Army values," said SFC Kanisha Evans, current president of the Fort Gordon SAMC.
SAMC = Shape of the anterior margin of the carapace; TOC = Texture of the ocular carinae; RP [v.
The SAMC match on the Quarry section went ahead and attracted 35 anglers, and the top five all weighed in over 15lb.
Prior to January 2002, SAMC received only 30 percent of scheduled patients' orders before their testing or admission dates.
Aged garlic extract, SAC, and SAMC exhibited radical scavenging activity (102).
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of SAMC on caspase-3 activity.