SAMDSecurity Assistance Management Directorate
SAMDSchweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos (Switzerland)
SAMDSeamless Access to Multiple Datasets
SAMDSamoyed Association of Metro Detroit (dogs; Detroit, MI)
SAMDS-Adenosyl Methionine Decarboxylase
SAMDSouthern Africa Master Distributors Pty. Ltd. (est. 2004)
SAMDSecurity Assistance Management Division
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To support the PMO, the Non-Standard Aviation Systems Division of AMCOM SAMD, under the leadership of Mrs.
Because of the work done in AMCOM SAMD, other nations are better equipped to defend themselves; therefore, our soldiers are able to return home.
Angela Weston, Summer Ellis, and Durand Carrington are a part of the Students Working at the Army in Parallel (SWAP) Program through the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) and work as contractors with AMCOM SAMD.
8 was obtained by the fathers of the SAMD adolescents.
Eight of the ten mothers of the normal adolescents and four of the five mothers of the SAMD adolescents rated their marital adjustments as satisfactory.
The degree of defensiveness was consistently lower for all family members of the SAMD adolescent group when contrasted with the family members of the normal adolescents.
In contrast, the family members of the SAMD adolescents displayed a lower level of social desirability: 31.
The scores of the SAMD adolescents, on the contrary, ranged from a low of 59.
The LCMC initiated the positive move of co-locating SAMD staff with technical experts within the supported weapon system Program Management Office.
In one such instance, SAMD personnel at the Cargo Helicopter Program Management Office (PMO) of AMCOM were able to expedite the process of transferring previously-owned U.
The regulations governing the FMS process initially would delay SAMD personnel from running at high speed with this sale until the request had gone through channels to be officially recognized by Congress, implemented, and securely funded.
The hustle and bustle would not stop there because now SAMD would have a customer with a new bill of goods to manage.