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Despite the changes, it still plans to keep its business model."It will remain necessary to try the product in the fashion industry," Samec told Sme, adding that after extending the assortment, the issuing premises will become ordinary brick-and-mortar shops.
Some researchers have reported that dental caries of children with asthma using inhaler therapy are more common in permanent teeth than in deciduous teeth, and these caries are more often observed in the first permanent molars.27-29,30 Samec et al.11 have evaluated children treated for asthma at 2-6, 7-12, and 13-17 years of age, and the number of dental caries both in deciduous and permanent teeth at all ages has been found to be higher than in healthy children.
Application of PCA is useful for preliminary data classification, unsupervised pattern recognition and determination of relationship among different genotypes (Samec et al., 2014).
She has compiled this article for the South African Malaria Elimination Committee (SAMEC), the national malaria advisory group to the National Department of Health, Pretoria, South Africa, in her capacity as chairperson.
Previous in vitro studies showed the strong antioxidant capacities of cornelian cherries, although those capacities differed between the cultivars analyzed (Samec and Piljac Zegarac, 2011; Popovic et al., 2012).
On a separate study by Samec et al., water contents of 0,10%, and 15% by volume were considered for the experimental investigation of the effects of water content on the combustion characteristics of diesel engine [49, 50].
Petr Samec, spokesman for Budejovicky Budvar, said Budvar plans to launch sales of the Czech-brewed Budweiser beer in the southern European Union state before the close of 2013.
The only exception is plural forms with the plural marker vlak or samec following the stem (e.g.
We are not exactly happy with the verdict," Budejovicky Budvar spokesman Petr Samec told AFP regarding the ruling on Tuesday, adding the brewery could file for recourse with the European Court of Justice.
In a study that compared isotopic information from puna, valleys, and quebradas from NWA, Killian Galvan and Samec [80] did not find a temporal tendency towards more enriched [[delta].sup.13]C, although this was expected from previous research which emphasized that the consumption of maize would have progressively increased through time.