SAMEOSquadron Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer (Canadian Forces)
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Do you approve the description of the mastoidectomy procedure using the system of SAMEO (stage of surgery, approach, mastoidectomy, external ear canal reconstruction, and obliteration)?
oI hope this time that my colleagues will do the sameo, he said, referring to the possibility that Cameron asked them to leave the EPP.
ScotlandvMacedonia 8pm Tuesday,liveonSkySports1 CRAIG LEVEINt alkedas ifan ew dawn wasab out tob reak before Scotland's0 -0 draww ith Serbia but the sameo ldp roblemsu p front persist- StevenN aismithand Kenny Millerb oth missedg ood chances.
One of them told Snow that she and her colleagues referred to the spot as othe hill of shameo but that this was later changed to othe hill of sameo as they had one unchanging view in front of them everyday.
Mr Schnabel added that although odifferent opinions in administrations and in leaderships existed, the commitment of the US towards the EU was always the sameo. In other words, the disputes between the two on matters like steel in 2002, climate change or Iraq were but perception differences based on other values, he said.