SAMGSouth Atlantic Medical Group (California)
SAMGStewart Asset Management Group (UK)
SAMGSacramento Animal Medical Group (Sacramento, CA)
SAMGSonic Art Meeting Group (Digital Music Research Network)
SAMGSevere Accident Management Guideline (nuclear power plant)
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Should SAMGs be standardized throughout the industry?
He said: "I'll be proud to wear the SAMG and Verve logos on my uniform this year because they are the ones that make it all possible.
The inspectors found that all plants have implemented the guidelines, with 97 percent of the plants keeping SAMG documents in their technical support centers, generally considered the best location for properly implementing the guidelines.
The NRC's task force will incorporate the SAMG inspection results into its short-term review to help determine if any immediate changes to NRC requirements are called for in light of events at Fukushima," the NRC said in a release.
More detailed was the review of what the NRC calls its "Severe Accident Management Guidelines," or SAMGs.
Sutton is the President of SAMG and a practicing attorney who recently earned the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation.
SAMG is an employee-owned registered investment adviser and operates offices in New York, Boston Virginia and New Jersey.