SAMIDShip's Antimissile Integrated Defense
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The sources said that Samid al-Masloukh, the former senior field commander of ISIL in the town of al-Mayadeen in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, has escaped the battlefield towards the SDF-held regions in the province.
Samid Al-Samei, an Aden local, said mosque preachers in Aden condemn the repetitive power outages in all Aden districts.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 13, 2012-Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp names Dr Dvorit Samid as vice president, Medical Affairs(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
ABT-491 (4-etinil-N,N-dimetil-3[3- floro-4-[(2-metil-1H-imidazo-[4,5c]piridin- 1il)metil]benzoil]1H-indol-1-karbok samid hidroklorid) cok guclu bir PAF almac antagonistidir (16).
You, Samid, choose to stay in that prison, because it is your home, and because you fear that if you leave, your jailer will not allow you to return.
Samid - steadfastness has been the strategy but the determination of Israel to obliterate Hamas has not lessened.
Urs al-Intifada: Yawmiyyat, (Safaqis: Samid li al-nashr wa altawzi') 1988.
"We did not make any money, but at least we received payment," says Mahmoud Samid, a vendor at the Baghdad Friday auction who recently sold agricultural land he inherited from his father.
arrested Samid Huseynov, said that her son was arrested in a store and he is not guilty.
Mujahid Abu al-Hayja, whose brother Samid is wanted by Israeli forces, was detained from his home in the village.