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SAMISSecurity Assistance Management Information System
SAMISSafety Management Information Statistics
SAMISShip Alternate Management Information System
SAMISStructural Analysis and Matrix Interpretive System
SAMISSolar Array Manufacturing Industry Simulation
SAMISSupply Accounting Management Information System
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Tromso University is developing a Word programme in the Sami language.
Caran, a Sami woman, pulls reindeer and sled at Lyngsfjord Adventure Camp Tamoc in Norway
For three years, in a major assertion of cultural identity, Samis picketed the site and the national Parliament.
A 1984 commission concluded that the Samis were "a people, with a people's special history, language, culture, and visions of the future.
Despite the advances, though, the issue of who owns the land, the Samis or Norway, remains unresolved.
I'm shocked that some of the comments by Sami adversaries could be published in a civilized country.
And Sami organizations have been activated by the protest and have developed some limited contacts with First Nations from around the world, many of whom are also facing similar problems.
Sami representatives will try to build on the protest's successes, and they meet with representatives from Finland's tourism industry, who have invited the Suoma Sami Nuorat to meet with them.
It provides invaluable primary research on the Russian Sami as they revive their language, culture, and identity after being separated from their much more numerous Nordic kin by the Iron Curtain.
Early on, the Nordic Sami gains are seen as a positive example of asserting Indigenous self-determination.
The southern Sami priest Bierna Bientie stresses that Sami thinking about our relationship to the land is the opposite of the European idea that people are owners of land.
In Sami tradition, water that wells up from the ground is believed to have healing power.