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SAMLSecurity Assertions Markup Language
SAMLSecurity Assertions Markup Language (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards)
SAMLSample Log (energy exploration)
SAMLSamlingspartiet (Finnish political party)
SAMLSend And Mail
SAMLSouthern Association of Marine Laboratories
SAMLSouthern Alberta Midget League (Alberta, Canada)
SAMLStandard Army Management Language
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Utilizing SAML and Internet2 Shibboleth authentication technologies, RA21 is intended to simplify the pathways to restricted-access content.
In terms of software architecture, SAML has two types of system entities known as the identity provider (IdP) and service provider (SP).
In conclusion, this study's scope is single sign-on authentication by using some of the protocols like SAML, OAuth, and OpenID.
Initially, there was difficulty in obtaining a definitive diagnosis in our patient, as it seems she was actively evolving into sAML at the time of presentation.
Additionally we assume that the service provider accepts the signed SAML tokens, provided by SAML Authority of security broker.
<p>Others, such as PingIdentity take a tighter focus, providing secure single sign-on to one or two SaaS applications at a time.<p>"People don't think of it that way, but SaaS is as much a cloud environment as other cloud services," Mogull says.<p>In addition to specific products, OASIS and other standards organizations have been working on security specifications such as the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), the Web Services Federation Language (WS-Federation), or earlier Liberty Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF).
There are four main components, including User Interface, Authentication and Authorization Provider, MAS, and SAML Identity Provider that need to be installed at each organization.
Step-by-step instructions are offered on how to integrate WCF into security services such as SAML and WS-Trust and how to add behaviors, communication channels, message encoders and transports.
myOneLogin is designed to work with any Web-based application that supports federation standards such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID or the standard username and password.
Oracle Identity Management's support of industry standards such as WS*, XACML, SAML and SPML help enable customers and partners to more easily integrate applications with the framework.