SAMMSingle Adapter Multiple Monitor
SAMMSecurity Assistance Management Manual
SAMMSelf-Administered Medication Management
SAMMSoftware Acquisition Maturity Model
SAMMSystems Aided Manufacturing Management
SAMMSpace, Automation & Manufacturing Mechanisms (Laboratory; University of Florida)
SAMMScheduling and Milestone Management
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Samm mentioned that she had to make a tough choice: finish her studies or compete in the VJ Search.
Catch VJ Kaye and VJ Samm on your favorite MYX shows soon.
"Samm always says it's not like we have a dog that likes to skateboard - which is what you think of when you think of a talking-dog show," the Golden Globe-nominated actress said.
SAMM is designed to enable busy and "non-technical", small business owners and managers, build, promote and manage their business online, conveniently and cost-effectively from any connected device.
"I think it was very inspired for (Louis) to open the ceremony up to all people within the watershed, especially since this was basically started during the time of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission," said Samm. "There's more awareness, at least with the people, I talk to ...
gas companies and stakeholders, Chairman SAMM and the Distributors
An official of SAMM told reporter here on Monday that the conference would be attended by all the national and international gas companies and stakeholder.
In the years since Savvy Aircraft Maintenance Management (SAMM) (January 2009 Aviation Consumer) brought managed aircraft maintenance from the turbine to the owner-flown piston world, the company's practice of analyzing the engine monitor data of its clients has resulted in the collection of a massive database.
"I'm thankful and pleased that Samm would do that, because I think it's something that they have made advances in, and the more money [the MS Society] get, the more they'll put to nding a cure."
Advanced Logistics LLC has updated versions of its Satellite Assisted Marine Management (SAMM) and Preventer (preventative maintenance) software packages as well as its comprehensive, web-based Logistics Management Suite family of applications.
The concept of Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity (SAMM)/Maternal Near Miss (MNM) is relatively new in maternal care and has been proposed as a supplementary indicator for monitoring the quality of maternity care.