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Notice that the attachment of the affix to an adverbial base also performs a causative function (gesamodlLcan 'to bring together' < samod 1 (adv.) 'simultaneously').
In this year Mul was burned to death in Kent and twelve other men with him' (ChronA 687.38) c) Drihten ba astah into ham scipe & petrus samod. 'Our Lord then ascended into the ship, and Peter too' (AECHom ii 223.77).
In Old English split coordination, however, the presence of additive adjuncts like eac (swa), (eac) swilce, samod, or mid him is not obligatory, and quite often the split element appears in isolation in the second, coordinate clause.
7a) Sodlice seo cwen Triphonia gesohte daes halgan sacerdes fet Iustines mid biterum tearum, biddende paes halgan fullhtes, and hire dohtor Cyrilla samod, (AECHom i 434: 18).