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SAMOSASouth Asian Multicultural Organized Students Association (Villanova University; Villanova, PA)
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Brush the samosas with cooking oil and arrange on a wire baking tray.
Mumbai: Samosas are perhaps one of the most popular snacks sold in India and enjoyed for its filling of spicy potatoes, peas and other delectable ingredients.
For the food service sector, the frozen samosas will be sold, ready to cook, in packs of 20 or 50 and cases of 200/250.
Place samosa on baking parchment on a tray and cook for eight minutes at 200-220[bar]C.
If you want some added kick, dip your samosas in the tangy tamarind chutney that comes in each box.
Pile couscous in centre of a plate, cut warm samosa in half and arrange on top.
Like other parts of the country, people of Balochistan including the provincial capital use Pakoras, Samosas, Kachories, Dahi Ballay and other spicy food items during Iftar and Sehar.
In the area of Waris Khan at Dhoke Hukamdad, a poor samosa vendor namely Qasim was on his day duty when suddenly Asad alias Khalidi and Nauman alias Nomi demanded extortion money of Rs 10,000 from him.
Daily, 2,500 pieces of samosa, 50 kilograms of pakoras and a thousand packs of chazaris, phenis, chapli kebab and many other Iftar snacks are sold in less than an hour.
HER food is the best bar naan - but entrepreneur Afia Akram is locked in a samosa stand-off over the state of her business HQ.
As Gandhi enjoyed his samosa, several curious people watched him, as his security kept them at bay.