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SAMOSASouth Asian Multicultural Organized Students Association (Villanova University; Villanova, PA)
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If you want some added kick, dip your samosas in the tangy tamarind chutney that comes in each box.
Pile couscous in centre of a plate, cut warm samosa in half and arrange on top.
Azra said she decided to make gluten free samosas because she had some friends who were coeliac.
Mumbai: Samosas are perhaps one of the most popular snacks sold in India and enjoyed for its filling of spicy potatoes, peas and other delectable ingredients.
Farooq Azam, 53, an old customer and on gold business in the UAE for 33 years, says that he spends Dh100 daily to buy meat samosa, chop fry mutton, halim, and traditional sweet jilabi.
75 while starters range from 80p for a simple vegetable samosa to pounds 7.
Ali Akbar, a vendor at Karachi Company said, "rainy days gives the best opportunity to sell spicy items like "pakoras, samosa, rolls etc".
Back in December 2013, Afia challenged Moseley School's food technology students to design an original recipe samosa inspired by her own award-winning, gluten-free recipes.
I was checking out how many calories a standard McDonald's serving on French fries packs in -- 290 kcal -- and I realised that a samosa has much less ( 252 kcal) and a vada pao, the inspiration for the McAloo Tikki Burger, is higher at 295 kcal.
David chose the poppadoms while I chose the onion bhajees and samosa.
Samosa with spicy couscous and sweet chilli dressing