SAMPLSignal Analysis and Machine Perception Laboratory (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
SAMPLSelectively Amplified Microsatellite Polymorphic Loci (plant genotyping)
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A data extract form was predesigned referring to Guidelines for Statistical Reporting in Articles for Medical Journals, Amplifications and Explanations published on Annals of Emergency Medicine , and SAMPL.
The latest published SAMPL included more detailed requirement according to the methods, such as association analysis, correlation analysis, survival analysis, and Bayesian analysis.
Compared with ICMJE and NIHPG, those focus on not only statistical reporting but also research design, SAMPL guideline issues statistical requirements in details referring to different statistical analysis methods to help authors understand the factors of better statistical reporting.
Basic statistical reporting for articles published in biomedical journals: The statistical analyses and methods in the published literature or the SAMPL guidelines.
KEY WORDS: shrimp, Penaeus chinensis, AFLP, SAMPL, genetic changes, sex-specific markers
However, the selective amplification uses one of the AFLP primers in combination with a specially designed SAMPL primer.
In this study, AFLP and SAMPL have been used for analyzing genetic changes over generations of a selected strain of P.
The SAMPL technique makes use of compound microsatellite primers to reveal genetic polymorphisms (Morgante and Vogel, 1994).
Unequivocally scorable SAMPL bands were transformed into a binary character matrix, with 1 for the presence, and 0 for the absence of a band at a particular position.
sansibarensis, respectively, were analyzed by SAMPL with a set of 5 compound microsatellite primers and a modified EcoRI adapter primer (Palacios, et al.