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SAMPLESituation Awareness Model for Pilot-in-the-Loop Evaluation (various locations)
SAMPLESimulation and Modeling of Profiles in Lithography and Etching (computing program)
SAMPLESociety of Aerospace Materials and Process Engineers
SAMPLESolar Array Materials Passive LDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility) Experiment (US NASA)
SAMPLESigns/Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Pertinent Past History, Last Oral Intake, Events Leading to Injury or Illness (brief medical history)
SAMPLESymptoms; Allergies; Medications; Prior history; Last meal Eaten (events leading up to injury/illness)
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Multiple cuts through the same sample can reveal rather wide ranges in rating numbers, which may further be compounded by differences in individual reader interpretations.
By heating the sample to a higher temperature, its energy and molecular motion increase, so through thermal expansion and a decrease in the viscous response, the material is allowed to freely expand and then recover to its final equilibrium position.
Perhaps, when we have more details on Monsanto's methodology and sample handling procedures, we can further explore potential reasons for the discrepancy between our results.
While quantitative researchers use complex mathematical formulae to make sample size considerations, and they promote the use of random sampling (even though the overwhelming majority of studies utilize non-random samples), sample size considerations in qualitative studies are neither mathematical nor systematic.
USC notified about 10,000 season-ticket holders of the change last week in a letter from Sample that was accompanied by the ``Trojan Spirit Code,'' which spelled out a code of conduct to which fans will be expected to adhere.
In the resonator sample, the parallel spin component feels a higher potential than the antiparallel component in the magnetic layers.
After identifying the statistical sample, the taxpayer has to review the remaining target population to identify the total number of similar fringes provided to the individual employees in the sample.
Samples are designed to achieve specified confidence and precision criteria, which determine sample size.
Because forensic geologists must be aware of the context and source of the samples examined, investigators should ensure that they remove earth material from clothing, vehicles, or other sources with extreme care, ensuring preservation of the original sample.
For the 26 years that I've been working with newsletter publishers, I've seen sample promotions pull successfully for a wide variety of publications.
After analyzing the composition of each sample, the rover will transfer the nugget to a tiny treasure chest--a box with enough cubbyholes to hold 91 samples of rock and 13 of soil, amounting to about half a kilogram of material.
The Rheometrics Automated Melt Analyzer (RAMA) eliminates manual sample conditioning and testing by way of reusable cartridges in which a sample is melted, tested and cooled.