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SAMPLESituation Awareness Model for Pilot-in-the-Loop Evaluation (various locations)
SAMPLESimulation and Modeling of Profiles in Lithography and Etching (computing program)
SAMPLESociety of Aerospace Materials and Process Engineers
SAMPLESigns/Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Pertinent Past History, Last Oral Intake, Events Leading to Injury or Illness (brief medical history)
SAMPLESymptoms; Allergies; Medications; Prior history; Last meal Eaten (events leading up to injury/illness)
SAMPLESolar Array Materials Passive LDEF (Long Duration Exposure Facility) Experiment (US NASA)
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We may form some judgment of this scheme of military coercion from a sample given by Thuanus.
Were the experiment to be seriously made, though it required some effort to view it seriously even in fiction, I leave it to be decided by the sample of opinions just exhibited, whether, with all their enmity to their predecessors, they would, in any one point, depart so widely from their example, as in the discord and ferment that would mark their own deliberations; and whether the Constitution, now before the public, would not stand as fair a chance for immortality, as Lycurgus gave to that of Sparta, by making its change to depend on his own return from exile and death, if it were to be immediately adopted, and were to continue in force, not until a BETTER, but until ANOTHER should be agreed upon by this new assembly of lawgivers.
He assures them that their last sample is impure and quite useless for his present purpose.
Meantime the old salt ("ex-coasting skipper" was writ large all over his person) had hobbled up alongside in his bumpy, shiny boots, and, waving an arm, short and thick like the flipper of a seal, terminated by a paw red as an uncooked beef-steak, addressed the poop in a muffled, faint, roaring voice, as if a sample of every North-Sea fog of his life had been permanently lodged in his throat: "Haul 'em round, Mr.
An-echantillon--a--a sample often serves to give an idea of the whole; besides, narrow and wide are words comparative, are they not?
The metropolis, I imagine, is a pretty fair sample of the rest.
The brave brewer of whom we are speaking was a visionary; he had moments of exaltation, of inflation, during which he ran over like an over-filled cask; and from the chinks there always escaped some drops of his thoughts, and by the sample the whole of his thought was to be made out.
Such is a sample of the rugged experience which Colter had to relate of savage life; yet, with all these perils and terrors fresh in his recollection, he could not see the present band on their way to those regions of danger and adventure, without feeling a vehement impulse to join them.
My father, thinking this merely a sample of my usual "poetic nonsense," objected that I should only do myself harm by walking in the heat; but when I persisted, he said angrily that I might follow my own absurd devices, but that Schmidt (our courier) must go with me.
California's full of 'em, and here's an Eastern sample while we're talking.
My suspicions were all confirmed by his peculiar action in typewriting his signature, which, of course, inferred that his handwriting was so familiar to her that she would recognise even the smallest sample of it.
Well, I hope my young friend will like such a comely sample of his own blood.