SAMRCSouth African Medical Research Council
SAMRCStudents Association of Mount Royal College (Alberta, Canada)
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We thank all the men and women who participated in the SHIOP study, and the SHIOP study teams at the SAMRC HIV Prevention Research Unit in Durban.
This study was supported by the SAMRC HIV Prevention Research Unit.
All participating research organisations sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA) which is a legal agreement between the research organisation and SAMRC.
BCEPS was initially approved by the SAMRC ethics committee in 2010 for use in trials conducted within the HPRU and reviewed again in 2014.
To achieve understanding of BCEPS, participants are required to read and sign a co-enrolment participant information sheet (PIS), approved by the SAMRC ethics committee.
The system is managed externally by the SAMRC IT Services Division, in order to preserve the confidentiality and security of participant data.
Trained SAMRC IT staff members install BCEPS at each participating research site.
SAMRC stated : "First, many great ideas lack the support to make it all the way from research to product.
This official guide of the SAMRC may be used as a guideline for such a statement and care should be exercised to ensure that the principles outlined in the said statement do not supersede SAMRC policy or any legal rule.
6] Again, it is remarkable that the SAMRC placed such importance on the laws, especially considering there were two sets SA law and Bantu law.
Eight years after the first edition, the SAMRC launched its Ethical Considerations in Medical Research.
For its 4th edition, the SAMRC placed emphasis on SA needs, and incorporated the principles of the Bill of Rights of the SA Constitution, 1996 into its guidelines.